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The Great way to see nature in Englewood

Taking a hike or a bike ride on the Highline Canal in Englewood can bring people of all ages to see what Mother Nature really does in autumn.
After getting on the South Dahlia Street entrance to the canal, the hikers and bike riders' journey begins. The first beauty the active people pass is a lake that has three water fountains that sprout out like seeds. This lake is near Kent Denver Middle School/High School. The next wonder the people pass is the way of the canal. Shortly after passing Kent Denver, the hikers look down to there left. They will see the canal full of water in autumn. The canal was dug so the people of cherry hills village could have water for there crops in the 1800s. The last beauty they pass is the trees. The colors are such a flash to the hikers that they bring them knowing that autumn has entered earth's spirit.
The main "guts" are towards the end. After getting on an entrance in southern Denver , pass a couple bridges.. This bridge is near Belleview. Some of the hikers may not understand why the trail doesn't look like one. The hikers follow the path up to holly. They pass cattails; autumn colored trees, and quite frankly, horse scat. It's true; the hikers pass horse scat due to the nearby barns and the horse that share the road. After the hikers get off the jerky trail, it starts getting smoother. That is the hikers sign that nature's eye has passed and they are now entering Holly, where the street is now full of high-speed cars that pollute what was more nature.
This hike is very fun for all ages. For bike riders, it is not for anyone under the age of six due to the bumps and hills that form the path to nature's eye. This ride would also be fun for photographers. They can take great shots all year round, even in the snowy winter. Just those photographers should always remember that the hikers have the right of way. So America should start getting active!