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The New Food Pyramid is a big WOW

On June 2, 20ll, Obama's wife, Michelle had campaign against childhood obesity. This campaign ended up with a new "pyramid". Well actually it is not a pyramid, it is a plate.
The old pyramid has lasted since 1991, and was really hard to understand because there were a lot of lines. This one is easy to understand. First, because there is only five groups. Fruits, vegetables, grains, protien, and dairy; and second because it is basically a pie chart.
The design of the plate is simple. The plate is separated in to fourths with the vegetables slightly bigger than the rest and on the side is a small circle representing dairy.
The object of the plate is to balance calories, increase food, and reduce food. To balance calories is to eat less and not eat too much. To increase food is to switch to fat free or low fat milk. Finally, to reduce food is to not drink sugary drinks like Powerade, Gatorade, Cool Aid, and more.
This plate can be used in any culture. For more information go to www.choosemy plate.com. Otherwise let the children of America eat healthy