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The Unusual Pickle Game

If you play tennis or racquetball, this game might be your new best friend. This game is called pickle ball. It is played with a Diller and a polymer wiffle ball. A Diller is a type of racquet, similar to a table tennis racquet.
This game was invented in 1965 in Bainbridge Island, Washington. A couple of boys named Jamal West, Michael Hunt, Barney McCallum, Mr. Cole, Tom Sawyer, and Joel Pritchard invented it. These boys used to play with ping- pong racquets and a ball. One day one of the boy's father made them different racquets called Dillers. When they played, a cocker spaniel named pickle kept getting the ball and that is how pickle ball started.
Pickle Ball is played all over the globe. It is usually played on a court the same size as the one for badminton. It is usually played by seniors and children. Plus, some senior homes now have a pickle ball court.
Pickle ball is very simple just serve underhand and play you do with tennis. Just remember to have fun but don't hurt yourself.
I learned about Pickle Ball from my P.E teacher named Rob Anderson. We played pickle ball in class. We all learned how to volley and play on one day and the rest of the days we played against our friends. Thanks to Rob, I learned about a slightly modern sport.For more information about this unusual sport, go to pickleballusa.com. Otherwise, let the games begin.