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Too Many Apples!!!!

The story "A Garden for Pig" is a funny book about a pig named "Pig" that loves apples and lives on an apple farm with a woman named Mrs. Pippins. One day, Pig gets tired of apples. "A vegetable might be nice for once." Then, Pig happens to grow his own garden in a very silly and unusual way. At the end, there is even a section called "Pig's Tips for Growing Your Own Organic Garden." It has some funnier tips like "Let the Worms Help You" and some more serious ones like "Plant the Garden." These tips actually do help in making a garden, though. This is an interesting book that I suggest for kids ages 2-7. Small kids will want to read it again and again. When I read it to one 5-year-old, she said "Read it again! Read it again!" When we stopped reading it, I asked her what she thought and she said "It was FUNNY!!!!" (We didn't read the tips). Some of the pictures have words on them, which might interest kids more. All the trees in the book have words on them that have to do with apples and apple recipes. I really think this is a creative book because the pictures bring the words to life.