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Torx Smash Stix are Smashtastic fun!

Torx smash stix are really fun. They are foam batons with an X in the middle. The whole object of the game is to hit your opponent's X ten times. Once you do, it will make a ding-ding noise, like you hear at the beginning of a round in a boxing match. Every time you hit their baton between 1 and 10, it makes a crashing sound. You are allowed to hit each other, but it sort of hurts. That is why I would recommend it for people 8 and up. As I said before, the object of the game is to hit your opponent's X 10 times, while also hitting their sticks and body.
You can buy this toy for around 25 dollars, which I think is totally worth it. Before you buy it though, make sure you have someone who will want to play with you; The game is useless without a partner. Also make sure you have a wide open space to play in because this is an active game that requires a lot of moving around. I think you should buy Torx smash stix because they provide for many hours of fun and activeness.