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Welcome to Thy Renaissance Festival!

Slip on thy middle-aged gowns and petticoats, and step into a whole different world, that people like yourself lived in the thirteen and fourteen hundreds. Beginning on June 11, and progressing through' July 31, on weekends only, thy Renaissance Festival is a realistic visit to thy past, the Renaissance period, And you'll want to stay there till thy present time!

Stroll down thy streets, and pick up a giant pickle, and half an orange topped with sherbet before you listen in awe to music called Cast In Bronze, a performance consisting of the playing of a Renaissance instrument, bells. Don't hesitate to visit thy Globe theater, for magnificent performances every day!You can browse through all thy shops, including thy Wand maker, and even thy broomstick shop. Everything is crafted by hand, and of the highest quality. Ladies can get their hair plaited into beautiful, intricate arrangements, and the gentlemen can watch jousting fights, on real steeds, in a huge arena. Thy queen walks through the streets with her escort often, so pray you don't forget to curtsy or bow.
There are also hands on activities hidden in the shops. You can visit thy wax shop, and make sculptures of wax, that exceed even your expectations. Thy candle shop has a candle making corner, where you work long and hard, to make two candles. Who knew what our ancestors did for a bit of light? Visit thy Renaissance Festival and get to know the greatness of the past.



I also went to "thy" festival. It was SO cool. But its really expensive

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