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Womens World Cup...A Loss to Japan

On the 17th of July, 2011, the USA Women's soccer team faced Japan in the finals of the World Cup. With their hopes up from the last two recent games, they walked onto the field tall and proud. The first half of the game was almost upsetting- neither team scored, though they had some very near misses. The first big goal was made by Alex Morgan of USA [see on right], when Megan Rapinoe (also from USA) booted the ball down the field, up to Morgan who dribbled up and kicked it into the goal. For those of you who watch soccer, you may have recognized that it was a very well done counter attack on the other team.
But then the unexpected came when Japan got a goal to tie the game at one in the last few minutes in the second half. One of the USA players passed in the front of the goal instead of clearing the ball out. A Japanese player managed to get the ball out of the defender's reach and scored before Solo could save it.
Then it went into overtime. In the first five minutes, USA got a great goal... their best player, Abby Wambach, got an accurate pass from Loyde and made a header into the goal. USA's pride that they had the game saved was too strong, and their spirits were only dampened by their goalie, Hope Solo, getting an injury at the end of the 1st half of extra time. Beginning the second half of overtime, USA was winning- and that was what made all the change in the last few minutes of the time. Big mistake! Of course, USA didn't score (there was barely any time left anyway), so now the game was tied... again!
Overtime was over, so it was time to go into Penalty kicks, the thing that won USA the Cup in 1999. The Japan goalie saved all but one... and Hope Solo did not . The game had a sad ending for USA... but yet again, another Cup was lost.


Really good story. 

I really thought Japan deserved something cheerful!

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