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You Don't Have To Be Athletic To Climb a Mountain

Just to start things off: this is not a LITERAL mountain. It is a mountain that many people around the world face, though. The mountain is one that many famous people, including Albert Einstein, Sir Winston Churchill, Walt Disney, Alexander Graham Bell, Thomas Edison, Nolan Ryan, and WWII General George Patton, faced. It is the mountain of Learning Disabilities (LD). What are Learning Disabilities? Just what they sound like: trouble with learning.
There are five types of LD: Reading, Math, Written Language, Oral Language, and Non-Verbal. Reading LD, also known as dyslexia, is trouble with learning to read and reading. Math LD is trouble learning and remembering math facts. Written Language is trouble with using words, specifically with writing. Oral Language LD is trouble with using words, specifically with speaking. Non-Verbal LD (NLD) is trouble with non-verbal skills, and NLD can range from not being able to quite figure out what other people are saying or meaning, to not being able to express oneself.
A good way to learn more about this is the book: "Many Ways to Learn: Second Edition." Themed as a mountain climb, this book can give, specifically kids ages eight to thirteen with LD, and adults who work with them, a good idea of what LD is, and what can be done for it. It is divided into four sections.
The first section is about what LD is. For example: in the first chapter in the section, "What is LD" all five types of LD are described.
The second section is about what to do at school. For example: in the first chapter of this section, learning about strengths and weaknesses for learning in school is one of the focuses.
The third part sheds more light upon each type of LD. Quoting the book from the first chapter of this section: "Adults sometimes call reading LD dyslexia."
The fourth section is about what to do outside of school, like having a quiet zone to concentrate on homework. The book is a good helper, for sure.