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All About Gelarti Paint

The toy Gelarti Paint, is super fun to play with. What you do with this toy is you decorate stickers with gel paint. As you can tell from the title (Gelarti). It was super entertaining to me, I can’t tell you how many times my mom said, “Katie get that stuff off the kitchen counter!” So my response was always, “Just let me finish this sticker!” Well anyway it’s a great toy.
 I love lots of things about this toy, such as: That you can put these stickers on any surface. But I prefer smooth and clean surfaces to make the sticker stick better, and that there are so many different colored paints. There are lots more things that I like about this toy. I know to some of you, fashion puppy stickers and the rock party stickers sound a little childish. I personally think that he perfect age for this toy is 5-10.
 Although, this awesome toy has some down sides to it. Like even though they give you 28-32 sheets of stickers it goes by pretty fast. I finished coloring all my stickers in just two days. Also, I found it a little hard to control my paint because ether it would come out to fast or it wouldn’t come out at all. My solution to the paint not coming out at all was to stick a needle or a tooth pick in the top of the tube and wiggle it around. With the other problem you just have to be very careful.
 You know how I told you earlier in the article that I got the rock party pack and the fashion puppy pack well if you don’t like those sets you can get the other sets. Like: activity pack, or the scene pack, or the butterfly world pack, and the glow scene pack, and the 3D fantasy pack, and finally the enchanted forest pack. See you have so many choices to choose from! No pressure! Hope you like whatever you choose!