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Alpacas and How They Give Back to Their Owners

Shaeleigh Olive

When alpacas are sheared their fur gets turned into yarn. The shearing process is done once a year starting
in May. There are two different types of alpacas that look different, even though
they are a part of the camel family. The Huycaya are big and fluffy. The Suri have
long hair like dreadlocks. They look like the hippies in the animal world.
Some advice from Susan Olson (an alpaca owner) is “When I look for qualities
in an alpaca it is usually its fiber. I try and find a nice alpaca that has fiber that is
fine and has low micron. ” The fibers are used to make pretty hats, scarves, vests,
and much more! Barbara Ziek even covers soap with fiber to help with exfoliation.
Have you ever wondered the difference between a llama and an alpaca? Well,
llamas are used for pulling things as alpacas are used for their fibers. One thing
that llamas and alpacas have in common is that they both are shown in stock
show! Alpacas get as big as 200-230 pounds! They can also live up to 30 years old!