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Always Be Yourself

Image from School Librabry Journal

If there's rule you should live by, it's the first rule of punk: be yourself. That the message that Celia Pérez had on her book The First Rule of Punk. The book explains about a 6th grader who is half-Mexican named Malú who moves to Chicago with her mom. Not only was Malú moving into a new house, but moving to Chicago changed her life. At home, she would rock to punk music. Now Malú’s living life with her mom trying to turn her into the perfect señorita (Spanish for miss). And when Malú makes a band called the Co-Co’s, the trouble only begins.

Celia Peréz makes a great book about being true to yourself. There's twists all around the book that kept me interested. The book starts out slow, but later you'll want read it to the very end. Would recommend to all trouble-makers out there.