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America's Largest Cottonwood Tree


Colorado has many historical sites of interest, but one in particular deserves a little more recognition. This Plains Cottonwood tree located in the rural town of Hygiene, CO, is supposedly somewhere between 300 and 500 years old. With that being said, it is claimed to be America's largest living Cottonwood tree. With a circumference of 423 inches, a height of 95 feet, and a spread of 98 feet, it's pretty huge! Sadly, this great American wonder is slowly dying off, little by little. In a few years, who knows what will have become of this marvelous gem of nature. Before today, I didn't even realize this American wonder existed! Thanks to one of my family members, this topic was brought up, so I drove by here and decided to write this article. Hopefully, this article has inspired readers to explore nature.


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