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The Animals We Love...What Happens if They Die?

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We all love animals. But what if they die? You can't think about getting another one! You just can't... It hurts too much. But what if a friend looks and you and says "Why are you so upset? Just get another one!" Of course, there is nothing like the pet you lost. Could there be another way?
Yes, there is. Now, you can clone your pet for 50K. That's a lot of money! The best part is, the dog is the same. I mean, from the coat to the life span to the personality and that annoying habit of tearing up the carpet. You can have your best friend come from the dead. That's what a women named Danielle Tarantola did. She had a beautiful dog named Trouble. She loved him to death. She loved him more than the important people in her life. She loved him so much, that she had DNA taken from him and have it harvested. Soon, she had the wonderful and new "Double Trouble" to keep.
But the cloning isn't all Unicorns making perfect puppies pop out of the ground. There are risks to consider like deformities and flaws in coat and personality. With this, you have to "expect the unexpected" other wise, if something happens, you could end up with a nasty surprise!
So if you want your best friend back, hurry, get that DNA in, and have another puppy waiting for you, just like the other!