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An Avalanche of Inspiration

They had one of the biggest comebacks in NHL history! Who are they? The Colorado Avalanche!! Last year, they had one of the worst records in the league. This year, under a new coach, they are a playoff team with one of the best records in the league. Avalanche center John Mitchell and Avalanche defenseman Erik Johnson gave their input on the big change.
Both of the players gave descriptive responses to my questions.
When asked about improvements they made over the off-season, John Mitchell said that getting the new coach, Patrick Roy, was the biggest part. It made a huge difference to be under a new, more experienced and dynamic coach who has won the Stanley Cup multiple times. “Roy changed the approach to each game and the technique while MacKinnon added speed and agility to the team.” Nathan MacKinnon also played a huge role. This is how they made it to the playoffs. Erik Johnson agreed with this.
The Avalanche also changed their game plan. Erik Johnson said that their game plan changed into a hard hitting defense turning Johnson into the player he is now. They improved their passes and waited for the open shot.
Their advice for young aspiring sports players is “Never give up if you are serious about playing a sport. Obstacles will find you but you have to find a way out of them.” Johnson practiced every day with his father and lives up to his potential. His father played hockey but not professionally. He would skate at the rink or practice shooting the puck in his yard.
All of these answers ring true because the Avalanche have clinched a spot in the playoffs. It was a really cool and enjoyable interview because the Avalanche players gave their perspective. Avalanche have a good chance at winning the Stanley Cup! GO AVS!!!!