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Back to School Shouldn't Have to be Bland

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With a new school year coming, its the perfect time to change up your look. But how? These are some tips and tricks that are sure to mix things up.
1. Get a new haircut- If you've had the same hairstyle for awhile, then doing something new could be a fun, easy way to change your look. If you aren't up for getting it cut, then putting on new hair accessories or gelling it different ways could be just as nice!
2. Accessorize-  Adding some accessories to your clothes is the easiest way to make it look new!  For example, try funky bracelets, cool hats, warm scarves, dangly earrings, patterned shoelaces,  anything that makes you feel unique!
3. Mix and match Clothes- Your clothes may not be new, but when you mix different prints or colored pants with a T-shirt, it can look brand new!
4. Do this for you- Don't change your look because someone else wants you to. Stay true to you! By staying true to yourself, you'll find out loving who you are can be fun!
Which ever school you go to this school year,  you'll be sure to feel confident and fashionable with these tips and tricks! 


awesome job!!! I love this idea!


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