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Be the Star of a Story

Bonggamon Friends

       The New Girl, written by Laurie Calkhoven and illustrated by Arcana Studios, is a story with animation-like illustrations, that stars you! This book is the latest addition to the American Girl Innerstar University series. This story is about Zoe, a young girl who moves from France to Innerstar University. After you meet Zoe, you get to start making decisions on how you think the story should end. Each decision you make lead to the final ending and there are over twenty possible different endings you pick!
       I really did enjoy this story and would recommend it to any girl from 1st grade through middle school. If you are older and think this book may be too young for you because of the large text and illustrations, I would say go for it and read the book. The characters in the book have many emotions and face many decisions pre-teens and teens deal with every day, which is why I think older girls will like this book too. If you enjoyed this book check out InnerstarU.com, where you can play games and unlock even more endings!