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The Best Front Range Hikes For Children

Natalia Goncharova

     After hiking on hundreds of trails with his family, Tony Parker wrote a book called “The Best Front Range Hikes for Children”. He did a fabulous job on explaining how to get to the trail you want to go on, what wildlife might appear, and what sights you would see. The book is not only filled with detailed maps and colorful pictures, but gives you interesting information about the history and geology of each trail.
     Parker also ranks all 46 trails from one to seven, with one being the easiest and seven being the hardest so that no one would go on an advanced trail with a small child.

     Tony Parker’s favorite trail is the Mitchel Creek Canyon Trail. It gives hikers a chance to view four unique habitats: the canyon lands, riparian gulch, ponderosa forest, and an open prairie grassland. Also, as you pass by the canyon walls, you will be able to see each layer of the canyon. He also enjoys trails that have more than one route you can follow because then you can come back and hike on a different one.

     Parker recommends that if you like seeing wildlife, you should hike on Hall Ridge Trail where “you will never fail to see deer”, or go to Rocky Mountain National Park where you can see elk. Also if you want to see some fossils, you should visit Dinosaur Ridge.

     When you go on a hike, Parker suggests you to bring many things but still be able to keep your pack light. The essentials are extra water, food, rain gear, a phone, a first aid kit, and a pocket knife. In case of an emergency, you should also put in a flashlight, matches, a map and compass, a waterproof case, sunscreen, and a water filter. Don’t make it weigh too much cause remember, you will be the one carrying it on the trail.

     Parker says that hiking isn’t just going out and watching the panorama unfold before you, it’s spending valuable time with your family. Later on in your life, you will remember those happy moments and smile. So put on your hiking boots and have some fun!