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BOBS from Skechers


Have you ever wondered how exactly homeless children out there in the world get all of their clothing? Well, most of them only have one single outfit in their wardrobe, while all of us have 50 or so. There is a way that you can help homeless children of the world, and that way would be Skechers BOBS. For every purchase made by these shoes, a pair of shoes is donated to a child in need. These shoes are very fashionable in a ton of different designs, and the best part is: they're made out of recycled materials, so nothing is being wasted by making these shoes. Also, they have arch supports, for those of you who prefer to be non-flat footed. Whichever way you choose to spend your money on these shoes, they will never be a waste. BOBS are a shoe that is a mixed combination of flats and some other different shoes. Remember that every pair of shoes purchased donates a pair of shoes to a child in need. However though, Skechers did not completely come out with this idea, so therefore another brand of shoe, known as TOMS runs for the same cause, so if you ever want a new pair of shoes, go ahead and check them out too.


I really like the article, but Skechers copied TOMS. Check TOMS out, they're pretty comfy.

Ok...thanks you guys for the tips. :)

Good job on the story, but have you ever heard of TOMS?  They have the same mission statement, but they were created before BOBS, and Skechers COMPLETELY copied the idea.  Check TOMS out, I love them.  

I love your article, however BOBS is a complete copy of of another brand called TOMS. TOMS also givs shoes and glasses. 

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