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A Book That Blazes With Adventure

Keeper of the Lost Cities Everblaze by Shannon Messenger is an adrenaline pumping novel about a telepathic individual, Sophie (an elf) trying to defeat her rivals resulting in a picture painted by words and figurative language and a deep whirlpool of imagination pulling this story together as a world and an adventure beyond your wildest dreams.

Sophie can read minds and teleport from one place to another. She is a participant in the Black Swan group where she gets assignments from and the responsibility of a monarch heaved onto her shoulders. With the help of her partners, Fitz, Keefe, and more, they venture deep into the world of telepathy and try to diminish Sophie’s malevolent kidnappers. This takes them into vital decision making situations and much, much, worse.
I give this book a three out of five stars because it has a plot that is used often in adventure novels. It is that the hero or heroine usually is sent on a mission with a group of accomplices to find the items in order to accomplish the quest. It is also a very lengthy book that took a long time to read. Although, it has lots of thought put into it and description that has the ability to transport you to another land, I thought that this novel was a bit jumpy and confusing too because Sophie is always going somewhere and leaving the other place behind quickly. This story has a series that it belongs to which is Keeper of the Lost Cities. There may be confusion if the first and second book were not read. The mixture of Messenger’s innovation and strong imagination will make your soul “Everblaze” with the hunger of curiosity and the admiration of adventure for the Keeper of the Lost Cities.