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Castle Dreams

Castle Dreams
“Mom, I’m going out to pick strawberries!” 8-year-old Tara yelled over her shoulder halfway out the door.
“Be back by 5:00,” Mom answered.
“Good bye!” 16-year-old Lila said, ferociously attacking the pie she was making.                                                                    “Goo by” said the 2-year-old twins Daisy and Donald, as they continued playing with the blocks.
Tara sighed “Always forgotten”. She thought, “Lila is big so she can help, and the twins are so cute they’re never forgotten". "Would'nt it be grand to live in the Castle of Dreams!" she thought.    Soon, Tara was picking strawberries in the warm June sun, halfway to finishing Tara yawned, the sun was shining down gently and the grass felt so warm and relaxing. “I’ll only have a little nap,” she thought settling down in the grass. “ Only a little nap”. When Tara awoke she was in a bed that for sure wasn’t hers, a young girl who probably was also 8 was tending to her.
“Hi I’m Amelia” said the girl when she saw that Tara had awoken.
Tara looked around “Where am I Amelia?”
“You really don’t know where you are?” Tara shook her head. ”Well,” Amelia said importantly, “You are in the Castle of Dreams". Tara's mouth fell open "In the fabled Castle of Dreams?" she thought unable to process the thought that was running through her head.
‘RUMBLE!’ Amelia screamed at the loud noise but Tara broke out laughing. “It’s my stomach, I’m hungry!”
Once Amelia had quite recovered she went and got a tureen of soup and both girls ate heartily. Tara finally said, “I suppose I should go back home now".  Let’s remember that Tara was a sensible little girl and, had, by now figured out that it was the sleeping that took her here and so the sleeping would take her back. So Tara curled up and ignoring the look of disbelief on her new-found friend’s face fell fast asleep.
Tara shook her head clearing her thoughts she continued to stare at her basket full of strawberries, which she was sure that upon falling asleep was only half-full.

Tara shrugged, and began to walk homeward; it didn’t matter because for the first time things were starting to look up for Tara.

The End