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Cat in the City


 Cat in the City by Julie Salamon, illustrated by Jill Weber, is a well-written story that I could not put down. I recommend this book for children ages 7-11. Teens, adults, and kids ages 5 and 6 may also enjoy this book, but they may not be as interested as kids 7-11. I loved the word choice Julie Salamon used because it described the characters and the characters’ actions in a way that painted a picture in my mind. At all times I could imagine what was happening, and could also actually see some activities in the illustrations that Jill Weber drew for the story.
The book starts off with a cat on a park bench. Over time, the cat, Pretty Boy, named by the owner of a trinket shop, becomes friends with some characters a cat would normally not befriend. Pretty Boy, a very vain and handsome white cat, has many adventures, some of them happening accidentally.
I personally love animals, especially cats, so I really enjoyed this book because of the animals. Readers may love the book for the animals, or other reasons such as the humor or descriptiveness. This book would be categorized in the realistic fiction genre because it takes place in New York and Maine, in both the city and in the countryside. Realistic buildings and landmarks are featured in the novel, as well.
This is a must-read novel because of the word choice, illustrations, animals, humor, descriptiveness, and realistic settings. I recommend this book to other readers, as a good summer read, because it was entertaining, engaging and fun to read.