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The Cherry Hills Barn Tour

The room full of ribbond, cups, sadles, and bridals

If you have always wondered what’s in a barn well you can find out. The land preserve group put on The Cherry Hills Village barn tour to help preserve land. The first barn is called Quincy Farm. Cat Anderson owns the farm and it was built in 1898. This barn currently has 3 horses and a dog. This is a 17.5 acres site and has 7 acres of pasture. This barn used to have around 10 show horses. The barn has a room full of ribbons, impressive saddles, bridles, and cups. This barn is very modern and is the big deal. Joan and Mike Ruffatto own the Ruffatto Barn. It was built in 1990. This barn also has 3 horses and 4 dogs. One of the horses used to work for the Denver police department. The horse was injured and retired. This barn has 24-hour service. Each morning the horses have breakfast and they get put out. Then they have second breakfast, and for the rest of the day they roam around the fields. At night, the horses eat yummy cookies. There are four 12x12 stalls and 2 12x24 stalls. This barn has been home too many show horses and other animals. Now these horses are owned by loving owners and receive great care. Jacqueline and Doug Shuck own the newest barn called Schuck Barn. This barn was built in 2010. Currently they have 3 horses and 4 dogs. This barn has a heated shower to keep the horses warm. Each horse gets 12x12 stalls that lead to an outside patio with a 12x50 run. This barn has a sound and video system so the horses can listen to some relaxing music. The barn tour was a chance for people to learn about the three different Cherry Hills barns.



yeah it is i love horse back riding

I horse back ride. In Quincy Farm, the room the room you described with "ribbons, impressive saddles, bridles, and cups" in it, was it called a tack room?  That is where they keep all of the tack ribbons and such. 

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