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Christmas Confections

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I got this recipe at a camp in July, and I got it because it was "Christmas in July". It's fun and easy to make with friends.
Peppermint Bark Recipe
Collect ingredients before starting:
• 8 oz. bag of chocolate chips in glass bowl
• 8 oz. of white chocolate chips in separate glass bowl
• Waxed baking paper
• Baking pan or cookie sheet
• 10 Peppermints or mini candy canes
• Microwave
Melt the milk/dark chocolate chips in the microwave (do it in 2 45 second periods, and 3 30 second periods, mixing with a spatula after each melting period). Spread out melted chocolate evenly on wax paper on top of baking pan and let it freeze for 5-10 minutes.
Follow method above to melt the white chocolate chips, and layer the white chocolate evenly on top of the milk/dark chocolate chips, with the brown chocolate showing on the sides.
Crush mini candy canes or peppermints in their wrappers by smashing with a rolling pin, stomping on them, or just find other creative ways to smash them! Sprinkle the the crushed mints on the white chocolate chips before the white chocolate hardens, and freeze for 15-20 minutes. Break into uneven pieces once frozen, and share your treats with family, friends, and neighbors!