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A Christmas Fantasy

Irving Berlin’s “White Christmas” is about two men who became friends in the army during World War II. After the war, the two friends make it big in show business. Soon they meet a sister act, and all four characters embark on an adventure to Pine Tree Vermont. There, they go to Columbia Inn, which their former general owns. Unfortunately, the inn is going broke. Can they save it? Watch this hilarious musical to find out for yourself! "White Christmas" is now a live stage production  at Buell Theatre in Denver .
The Oscar winning song “White Christmas” was first performed on Christmas Day, 1941 on a radio show, and was featured in the 1942 movie “Holiday Inn”. Twelve years later the song was turned into the movie “White Christmas”. There are a few differences between the movie and the show. For example, the musical introduces a very funny character named Ezekiel. Until Christmas Eve, all Ezekiel said was “aye-up” (meaning “yes”). At one point, the furious director told him not to say it anymore, so he mouthed it instead, which made the audience howl with laughter. On Christmas Day, Ezekiel gave the director a jug of maple syrup, wished him Happy Holidays and said “That oughtta sweeten your pancakes…” “Is this for me?” asked the director. “Aye-up,” said Ezekiel nodding, causing people to roll on the floor laughing.
The sets looked very realistic, as if they came out of the movie itself, and so did the costumes that the wonderful performers wore. The musical featured a live orchestra that helped the story come to life. One very special thing about this musical is that the performers asked the audience at the end of the show to sing along to the holiday, heart-warming song “White Christmas.” Finally, “snow” fell from the theatre ceiling, creating a magical moment that even Ebenezer Scrooge would have enjoyed.
I would recommend this to people over 5 years old. Tickets for this 2 hour 30 minutes Broadway-style musical are $10 (for limited seats) and up. Performances run until Christmas Eve. You can purchase tickets for this marvelous show at tickets.denvercenter.org or at (303) 893-4100.