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Cirque Dreams Holidaze; A Perfect Presentation

Featuring flying ornaments, flipping gingerbread men, and Santa Claus himself, it’s Cirque Dreams Holidaze, the spectacular play you don’t want to miss!
This Christmas play is sure to leave you in awe. Cirque Dreams Holidaze is about all Christmas things coming to life. Watch as the fearless performers flip, turn, and fly! Squeeze your neighbor’s hand as they perform death-defying feats! This magical, mesmerizing play will be sure to “wow” you.
Have you ever seen ornaments soar? Or penguins wobble on a seesaw made of tables? No? Well, Cirque Dreams Holidaze makes thoses fantasies a reality. Things that you put into the “not humanly possible” category are happening right there in front of you! Unimaginable tricks taking place! Who could say no to that?
Not all performers were doing dangerous acrobatic moves, though. There were also singers! Characters known as the Queen of Ice, the Angel, and Dickens do a lot of singing. And it’s not bad, either! They sang songs to accompany many of the different scenes. These songs included Rockin’ Around the Christmas Tree and O Holy Night, plus more! The songs and music they played really fit the different scenes.
Cirque Dreams Holidaze is a wonderful play for all ages. No matter who you are, or how old, you will find this play absolutely thrilling! So take the whole family! Once they see it, they definitely won’t mind the drive!
This stunning performance is worth the cost. However high your expectations, this play will most definitely exceed them! So remember this: Cirque Dreams Holidaze, at the Buell Theater. It’s only playing until the 22nd, so hurry fast!