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Claim It!

You would think there are only animals at the Denver Zoo but there are also mysterious portals everywhere. A brand new free app called Ingress is out for the iPhone. It has been available on Android phones for some time. The game’s goal is to claim “portals. ” In the game, a portal is a mysterious phenomenon that exerts XM (Exotic Matter).
In reality, a portal is an actual physical landmark. There only used to be a few portals and they were great landmarks, like the Statue of Liberty or the Golden Gate Bridge. But now they’re more portals the ever before. Players can just take a picture of something they love like a cool mural or a building, send it to the game’s creators, and it will become a portal soon. On a trip to the Denver Zoo I claimed portals for my team and had lots of fun.
According to the game, Earth’s inhabitants are greatly confused by the portals and split into two teams.
The Enlightened (team one)
The Enlightened fight believing their actions will uplift humanity, and bring about the next chapter in human evolution.
The Resistance (team two)
The Resistance believes in preserving what freedom humanity has left.
The Resistance is represented by blue while The Enlightened is green. Once you have downloaded the game you must choose your team and your agent name. The player must then physically walk to the portals and claim them for their team.
This game has been a lot of fun for me. I can get to any number of portals by just walking to them in my own neighborhood. Every time I’m in a new place I look to find any portals. Some people make this game their profession and travel the world to seek out portals. My family and friends enjoy this game very much and I think you will too.