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Clothing with a big cause

Becky Rohr

Becky Rohr works at a orphanage in Murano,Uganda which has over 800 children in it. Then, in the summer of 2013 Rohr had a opportunity to go to Uganda. When she was there she was very interested in the children education,since she is a retired teacher. In each class room there is 60 children and one workbook Rohr learned. The teacher writes the work on the board and the students would copy it down in to their composition book. After learning this information Rohr knew she had to raise money for the workbooks. She decided to do it in Kansas and Colorado.

When she got back to the states, she started a sewing business to fund for the workbooks. This business makes scarves,capes,ponchos,and tops for women. She says that she plans to have this fund open for one year and hopes to raise $2500-$3000 with all the profit going toward the workbooks in Uganda. She makes the funds at craft shows, conferences, home shows, and she also can take orders for the items.