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A Colorado Kid Sure Made This a great O-C-C-A-S-I-O-N

Salina Garza

 While everybody was riding rides, eating funnel cake,  and checking out booths, 4th, 5th and 6th graders from Jefferson County Schools were competing in the Arvada Harvest Festival Spelling Bee. It was the 2nd annual spelling bee, and was free to enter! There were about 50 contestants to begin with, all of them looking a bit nervous, but determined. All participants got a ribbon and goody bag.    
 The 50 contestants slowly narrowed down to 3. Watching them standing there, made me more anxious to see the winner! On what everyone thought was the final round was not because each of the last 3 spellers missed their words due to the increasing level of difficulty.  One of the words was "leukemia", the speller got it right. I was very impressed!  When it was down to the final 2, it felt so exciting, nobody could wait anymore!
"Your word is, occasion," said the announcer.
  Occasion, O-C-C-A-S-I-O-N, occasion.
That is correct!  
This was the winning word at the Arvada Harvest Festival Spelling Bee. Brianna Wolle, a 6th grader, and a Colorado Kid reporter had done it! The final 3 contestants each won a two-tiered trophy,  large ribbon, and a gift card.  She said she felt so exhilarated and happy about the win, and it was an awesome surprise to find out that Brianna also wrote for Colorado Kids!     


That's awesome!!!

I was reading the article again today and I noticed one thing: I didn't actually spell "leukemia" right. I think I spelled it l-u-e-k-e-m-i-a. Oops.

OH MY GOSH!!!! YOU DID SUCH A GREAT JOB ON THIS ARTICLE! I love it! It was nice to meet you at the Arvada Harvest Festival!

Thank you!!! It's always nice to get feedback on my writing! It was nice to meet you too! Great job at the Spelling Bee!

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