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The Continuation Graduation

A few weeks ago, school let out.  It was the last day of school; but more than that to the fifth graders of my Elementary School.  It was our last day of elementary school. In our school, we move on to middle school in sixth grade.  To celebrate that we have a little graduation ceremony that we call Continuation.  First, we walk into the auditorium filled with all of our parents and guests and friends and we walk up the aisle very slowly.  The principle says what she wants to say about us and then we are called up by class to share our favorite memory and receive out certificate for finishing elementary school.  It's like most ceremonies; it is very fun and meaningful and gives us a memory we won't forget.  After every class shares their memories, we come to sit nicely on the floor and watch a video on the big screen; a collection of pictures and other photos from old year books and other activities we participated in, along with all of our baby pictures and present-day pictures.  Then the teachers and the principle say a few more words to us and then we are sent to the park across the street and our parents pick us up from there.  We are given a copy of the slide show and then our book list for next year.  Our parents are able to pick up colorful silhouettes that line the walls, and it is a ceremony we will never forget.  Since we are going onto middle school, we are given the special Continuation to remind us of all of the days in elementary school and how we won't forget them.  The last day of school is a very special one for  Elementary fifth-and-soon-to-be-sixth-graders, and not one of us will ever forget our special years in elementary school.  Ever.


Nice job on your Continuation piece, Joy.  My ceremony was really similar to yours.  

Nice job on your continuation piece, Joy.  My ceremony was really similar to that.  

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