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A Day at the Denver Post: Brent Lewis with the Technology Titans

Brent Lewis from ,The Denver Post, introduced and taught us about photography and journalism during the Denver Post Youth Day. The Technology Titans, learned all about photography and how “a moment, composition and light are combined together to make a perfect image.” Lewis started taking pictures, when his grandfather gave him his camera. He was between his freshman and sophomore year in college. Lewis went to Northern Illinois University and then transferred to Columbia College Chicago.

Then he went and worked his first job at the Chillicothe Gazette where he started to take newspaper photography. Brent relates the way that paintings are interpreted by the view of the observer just like a picture. He showed what it is like to take a picture along with how “everything has a moment.” A moment, is a picture of an event in time.
Learning about photography is very fun and getting deeper into the subject makes it fun and enjoyable time. Spending this time with Brent Lewis helped us understand the great and fun experience of photography.