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Definitely Not Another Heidi Book

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Child of the Mountains written by Marilyn Sue Shank is a very visual story that will have you from the first page.  The main character of the book is 11 year old Lydia Hawkins, who writes a diary taking place in 1953.  Her life is full of emotional turmoil with the loss of her brother and grandmother.  On top of that, her innocent mother is sent to jail. She is sent off live with her uncle and aunt, where she is having problems at school, and worse yet, her aunt and uncle have been keeping the biggest secret from her- it's even about her!
I liked this book. It had lots of great references to God, like when Gran was talking about why brides wear a veil.    At the end of every chapter, the author would have you on the edge of your turn!  It was so luring that it kept you wanting more! Plus, the emotion in this book is just so well written, that it was like you were in the story. I was tearing up some of the time- that's how descriptive and deep this story is!
I would recommend Child of the Mountains for readers who want to read a heartfelt story.  Readers should be over  12 because of an instance of bad language, and the deaths may be overwhelming for younger readers.