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Delicate Arch Is Not the Only Thing Moab Should be Known for

ZIa Meyers

Most people think that Moab is only meant for biking but there were many places and trails for biking and hiking. There were definitely places where you had to be an expert biker to get up the path. Both of the hikes I went on, there was a river or lake that we could play in or dunk our hats or heads. There are many rivers around Moab so many of the hikes you can go on will have water.
There are many ways to view the famous Delicate Arch. One, is to hike right up to it. I know of one trail that leads you up there and takes about three hours. The second way to see Delicate Arch is to hike a viewpoint trail. Either way you go they’re both great to view Delicate Arch. Moab has many canyons that are formed flawlessly. Most trails follow the edge of the canyon, so many places you have to be very cautious eating or enjoying the view.

The summer time in Moab is super hot. Most days in the summer it will be in high 90’s or low hundreds. I rode in a hot and stuffy bus up to Moab with my class but it would be a great camping place or stay a few nights and hike and bike. You most definitely want to bring entertainment for the ride especially with younger ones. If you’re looking for a fun little vacation or getaway that’s a quick drive Moab, Utah is the perfect place for that.