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Delis Galore!

McAlister's Deli

It's hard for a kid to order off a kids menu. There are not a ton of choices and you want things that would be light on the taste buds but not jumbo sized. Most restaurants have the same style kids menu. Whether you go to a fancy Italian restaurant or fast food place the same options are mentioned. Here are some delis in Fort Collins that will help your selection size. Jason’s Deli (1538 East Harmony Road) is good and so is McAlister’s (2550 East Harmony Road). But don’t forget about Panera bread (3760 South College Avenue). They are good for kids as well.

 If you want a great big salad bar go to Jason’s deli. With cornbread muffins and many kinds of dressings this salad bar is over the top delicious. They also have outstanding grilled cheese! It is cooked perfectly. As a bonus for kids they also provide ice cream with hot fudge. Yum!

 At McAlister’s deli, they have soups galore and all of them are wonderful. And kid sized. You can have them put your soup in a bread bowl! Who doesn’t like to eat your bowl after your soup? And when you crave a Mac and cheese, by golly go to McAlister’s. It’s cheesy and perfect. While they have great Mac and cheese, reach out to other possibilities, maybe not from the kids menu. They have things light on the taste buds, small sized and great at McAlister’s on the adults menu. They have a wonderful chicken salad sandwich. I recommend you try it. Reach out.

When you go into Panera as a kid, what do you smell? Perfection and that’s what you get. Here the perfect smell you get is bread and baked goods. You also smell dough about to go in the oven. That is why they call it Panera BREAD. Also, sometimes you see more than 15 flavors of bagels, including a marvelous French toast bagel. Wow! And if you’re craving a sweet baked good nice and fresh, go to Panera. Or you can always get a smoothie. They are so good here, sweet and creamy.

When you choose to go out to dinner and your mom says "What do you feel like?" if you want to go to a deli, consider your options. When you go to these remarkable places you get to decide what you feel like. Each of these places can hit the spot any day.