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Doll Bones

Zach, Poppy, and Alice have all played a game for almost forever. It’s a game of imagination, action, and fun. It’s filled with amazing characters like William the Blade and the Great Queen. Now that they are in middle school, Zach’s dad is trying to get him to quit the game. His father throws away all of Zach’s action figures that he uses to play the game. Now that his figurines are gone he is forced to quit the game and lies to his friends about it.
 But Poppy, in a desperate attempt to play the game for a last time, says that she has been having dreams that the Great Queen doll is made of the bones of a dead girl and her ghost will haunt them forever if they don’t bury the doll in the empty grave of the girl. But there is a big problem; the grave is at least two days walk from where they all live. So, they set out on a epic adventure to lay the ghost of a girl to rest. Will the mystery of the doll be solved? Is Poppy telling the truth about her dream?
 This book is a great read, and shows how awesome imagination actually is. This book should be for kids 10 and up, because of mature themes.