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Don't say"Bah humbug!" to this play

Jennifer M. Koskinen

Most everyone is familiar with the 1843 classic “A Christmas Carol,” but even if you haven’t read the book, you’ll still be able to follow the Denver Center Theater Company’s performance of Charles Dickens’s novel.

Scrooge ( Philip Pleasants) played his part very well.

The sets for each scene were great, and, when Marley, Scrooge’s partner who had been dead for seven years (John Hutton) rises out of the floor it looks very real.

The Ghost of Christmas Past (Stephanie Cozart) takes Scrooge on an adventure through his past. During this trip Scrooge’s heart begins to thaw.
The Ghost of Christmas Present (Leonard E. Barrett Jr.) closely resembles the description in the book: He has a wreath on his head and is large.
During this trip through the present Scrooge learns the truth about his clerk’s son Tiny Tim.

Then, in Scrooge’s trip into the future, seeing his own grave and nobody weeping combined with seeing Tiny Tim’s funeral being planned he repents, and sees Christmas as a beautiful thing.

I would rate this play 5 out of 5 stars. It has some scary things so parents should know how much scariness their kids can take, but I would recommend this play for children of all ages, and especially for fans of Charles Dickens.

This play follows very closely to the book, and two well-dressed gentlemen often narrate the play by quoting the book.

“A Christmas Carol” is on the Stage Theater of the Denver Center for Performing Arts until Dec. 29, and you’ll find ticket information at http://www.denvercenter.org

As you leave, you’ll still have the image of a happy, rejoicing Scrooge in mind. Nobody can say “Bah Humbug!” to this play.