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Don't Shop, Adopt!

Jan Brett

Recently, I sat down with Ali Eccleston, co-founder of the Animal House rescue in Fort Collins, to talk about dog adoption. Animal House is an organization that rescues dogs from different parts of the country. The dogs mainly come from Southern states where there are little or no restrictions to license, spay or neuter pets. Ali’s main focus throughout our conversation was responsible breeding and respect for animals.
Throughout her life, Ali has always loved animals. She always had pets while growing up and then went on to study wildlife biology at Colorado State University. While working at a vet clinic, she changed her focus to dog rescue. Animal House was created to give dogs a second chance. She got the idea after working with a group of women rescuing dogs from hurricane Katrina. After that experience, she wanted to help animals, specifically dogs, even more. She started the business with Sandra Risler in 2007 and has rescued approximately 2,100 dogs.
The best reason to adopt a dog is to save a life. If animal shelters are too full, they need to destroy dogs. Many of these unwanted dogs come from puppy mills. Most dogs at pet stores come from puppy mills and these dogs are not healthy. Puppy mills are factories that reproduce dogs until they are too sick or old to be productive. Animal House also has a foster program. Volunteers provide a temporary home for puppies too young to be adopted yet. Volunteers are also needed to foster adult dogs when the shelter is crowded. This way, animals live in a home environment until
adoption. My family has fostered over 30 puppies and prepared them for their new homes. It can be lots of fun but sometimes it’s hard to say good-bye. Fosterers often adopt their foster dogs.
Ali’s goal for Animal House is to get a bigger building on their own property and rescue more dogs. If you are a dog lover, Ali says to spread the word about pet overpopulation and volunteer at a local shelter. You can also donate money or supplies She hopes our nation will become a no kill society, which means no animals will be killed for lack of a home. We can all help that dream come true.