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Dough-Bama and Mitt Yum-ney... Who Will Win?

Elizabeth Foster

At LaMars Donuts, an election is taking place, and us kids can vote in it!  The two candidates are Dough-Bama and Mitt Yum-ney, and they each are delicious donuts that people can buy and eat.  Dough-Bama is a donut shaped like a donkey and covered with blue sprinkles, and Mitt Yum-ney is an elephant shaped donut with red sprinkles, to represent their political parties.  The election is based off of which donut people think tastes better, but people will probably tend to chose the nominee that they prefer.
The donuts will be sold until October 31, so the election's final results will be posted only a small time before the real election between Obama and Romney.  LaMars is going to track the sales and release polling results starting on the October 1, which will be posted on the website at www.lamars.com.  At the last election four years ago, the results were very accurate, if not almost identical, to the real election's.  Dough-Bama had 52% of the donut votes, and in the real election he had had 53.7% of votes.  Could that happen again?
This year's poll is also benefiting the Colorado and Kansas City chapters of the Alzheimer's Association, which will receive a portion of the sales proceeds.  "We are very excited to get into a positive spirit of the 2012 election," says Kayde Pierce, the spokesperson for LaMars Donuts.  Also, Lacey Henkel, who works at the Littleton store said that their store has sold more Mitt Yum-ney donuts, while the Westminster store has sold more of the Dough-Bama donuts.  So far, it is unclear which one is going to win.  So check out the poll starting in October, and if you have a chance, vote yourself!



Do you know who's winning? I wonder if the sales have varied between debates and other stuff like that...

Yum! :)  I want to go try them!

That's really cool-that will give me an excuse to go to LaMars!!!

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