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Edwards, Colorado- A Great Place to Spend a Weekend

Katherine Hueston

 Edwards, Colorado is a town in between Vail and Eagle. They have many things to do in that area, and it is a great place to spend a weekend. You may know Vail for it’s ski town, and the town next door called Avon. But, Edwards is a town about twenty-five minutes away from Vail. It is also about twenty-five minutes before Eagle, so it is pretty easy to reach.  
During the fall, any drive to the mountains is beautiful, and the leaves that have turned glow an incredible shade of gold. So, even though the drive is moderately long- it’s about two hours, the time will fly because the view is simply delightful. Different places in the mountains even have visible snow still. Whether it’s from this year, or the last remnants of last year, I loved seeing the sparkling, white powder.
There are also a lot of fun things to do while in Edwards. The town has a great bookstore/café called The Bookworm. There is also a great pizzeria called Old Forge Pizza Company. When my mom and I stayed in Edwards, we stayed at a hotel called The Inn at Riverwalk that has an outdoor pool. There is also a movie theatre and several other fantastic places to eat and get entertainment. Another thing that makes this a great place is that Vail-Eagle is a main ski area for Colorado, so the area gets good income during the Winter season. Also, Colorado Mountain College has one of its four locations in Edwards, and a lot of young adults visit this area.
Edwards is a beautiful, fun place to spend a weekend, and I think that if you have a family of skiers, or just a family that likes the mountains, then Edwards would be a great place for you.