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Euclid Middle School: One of a Kind

It's not everyday that you see a unique program become part of a school's routine so quickly. Euclid Middle School's new leadership program creates guidance in the students' lives. Principal Gary Hein started this program last year, and it has been a success ever since. His goal is to help students find what they want to do and to see success in their future.

One of the unique things about this program is the Falcon Feathers. The Falcon Feathers are based on leadership, and the school's mascot, the falcon of course. To obtain the Falcon Feathers, each student must do a series of tasks that help the community, the school, their family, and themselves. There are six Falcon Feathers in all, and each student's goal is to obtain the Falcon Feathers. Teachers are very open to helping students obtain these goals.The Falcon Feathers aren't real feathers. The Falcon Feathers are pieces of colorful metal, that have a feather and a number carved into them.

Another interesting thing in the leadership program are the Be REAL letters. REAL stands for Respect, Excellent, Accept, and Lead. Each students goal is to obtain at least one of the Be REAL letters. The most common way is to win student of the week. Teachers notice students that are being "REAL" and they give them a soda and a Be REAL letter if the students win student of the week. Euclid Middle School's program is a great example of how much they want to help their students become successful. They want to get their students going and thinking about their future. They want to see success, and they want to see leadership.