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The Family

 You never realize what you have until it's missing. I was told that my auntie only had a few months to live because of muscle cancer. My family and I were devastated we didn't know what to think "just be strong",my auntie told us all. All I did was cry and cry until I fell asleep. I woke up sad thinking of my auntie and where we go on after that. We realized that God had a plan for her and he wouldn't put more on her than she could bare. My auntie is a great woman I hope that she doesn't die she means a lot to me. My family and I realized that this was no dream but a reality and we had to work with my auntie and stay strong for her. My auntie loves all of us and it pains me a lot to know that she's going to die but at least she might be going to a better place.