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A Farmer's Market - For Kids!

Heidi Wolle

 Through a program called Project Prepare, students at Foster Elementary have the opportunity to learn gardening skills and leadership. After growing plants, participants take part in a children's farmer's market where they can sell the products of their hard work. Summer camps and after-school programs at Foster are places where experiments, friendship, and growing takes place.
Xavier Neiser, a 4th-grader in this program, gave a tour of their garden. With pumpkins, watermelon, collards, beans, winter squash, and more, the garden is stunning. Rows and rows of plants in bloom, you could walk through the garden and instantly crave a fresh strawberry.
Xavier said that one of the most important tasks in keeping the garden in this great state was to keep the bugs off the vegetables. His favorite part is "Using the wheelbarrow," as well as working on iPads for the experimental part of the program. He told that everyone put over 300 hours together in helping the garden grow.
But Dina Heese, the site director for Project Prepare, says that more than just the plants in the garden grew. "Grow is a cool metaphor," she stated. "(The kids) Grow in learning to work together."
According to Heese, their favorite parts come with new things. "Anything that's new, they get excited," she said.
The farmer's market is held on Friday's from 3-6 pm at Foster Elementary in Arvada. This will continue until the beginning of November. So stop by and check out fresh produce. Check out a children's farmer's market. Check out kids working together to grow plants and their own leadership and gardening skills.