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Fun Educational Gifts from the NAGC Conference

Christmas and other holidays are around the corner. While video games might be on a number of wish lists, parents should consider educational toys as a substitute. Educational toys can be creative, challenging, and a lot of fun for everybody.
The National Association for Gifted Children conference is a national conference where different speakers speak about gifted and talented people and how to challenge them and help them grow. The Conference was in Denver on November 15th through 18th. During the conference, Dr. Temple Grandin, an autistic woman, best selling author, speaker and professor at Colorado State University, spoke at the conference and said to limit video games for kids.
If you are looking for gifts that challenges the mind, are creative, and are fun, these might be the gifts for you.
Zometools are a geo-dome building kits that allow you to build many different structures. I liked the Zometool kit because I was able to get creative and not worry about a whole bunch of rules or directions, while using math skills. I would recommend Zometools for kids second grade and up because there are choking hazards for littler kids, but building structures from the kit fairly easy and fun. You can find Zometools on their website and their website lists stores in Colorado where the toy can be bought.
Pengoloo, from Blue Orange, is a game that teaches strategy and memory skills in a fun, easy way. It is a memory game. Players try to be the first one to find six colored eggs under hollow penguins. There is a twist because players can steal colored eggs from other players as well. It would be better for the younger age group, preschool to first grade, since it is a simple game. The pieces are big and wooden, so there is not much of a choking hazards. You can get it from their website and from the stores listed on their website.
The Ultimate Puzzle is a simple 16-piece puzzle without pictures, but difficult to solve.
Even though there are 200 solutions for each puzzle, I wasn't able to find one with multiple tries. Pieces have different figures, like arrows and hexagon, either cut out or sticking out of each piece. Since there are no pictures, you can flip pieces to make them fit. A player tries to recognize patterns to solve the puzzle. I really liked the Ultimate Puzzle because it was challenging but a lot of fun and could keep me occupied for hours. I would recommend it for fourth graders and up because it really challenges you but in a way that doesn’t make want to stop. You can only find this puzzle this puzzle online on their website.
These games would make great gifts that challenge the mind.