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A Fun Style and Spin Toy

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This is a really fun toy! Here is why. First, it is really cute. It comes with one Zelf . A Zelf is a magical creature with special powers and looks similar to a Troll doll. Also, it comes with hair accessories like hair extensions and clips for the Zelf and the Spin Salon.
And what is a Spin Salon? It is a pink plastic flower pot, complete with vines and a little door. When you open it, it turns into the salon. Growing out of the top of is a Venus Fly Trap. It opens its mouth when you press the clamps together. Then you put the Zelf in the chair and its hair in the mouth. You then press the purple button and it spins the chair!
Also, I had a great amount of fun with this toy. One thing I didn’t like was it didn’t do what they said it would do…style their hair! It was a little hard to put the hair in the mouth of the Venus Fly Trap, so I would rate it for ages 7+, instead of 5+.
But overall, I really liked this toy and I hope you will, too!