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Geocaching Goes Wild!

Colleen Ceyssens

Welcome to the wonderful world of geocaching! Geocaching is a worldwide sport that combines hide-and-go seek with a treasure hunt. Millions of people around the world participate in this fun and easy sport (okay, sometimes it is not so easy).
Geocaches are containers that can range from little tubes to army boxes. They can be hidden almost in any public space, and can come in some clever shapes, like a wooden log or an old bullet container attached to a tree.
Inside you will find a little roll of paper that you can write your name and when you found it. Sometimes you will also find small prizes that you can trade for other small items and take home with you. You have to have something to trade for if you are going to take something!
Trackables are another thing that is new to geocaching. They are small items that people can find, log online, and move it closer to its destination. When a Trackable reaches its destination, then the owner can pick it up and the whole thing starts all over again.
To start in this world of geocaching, all you have to do is go to www.geocaching.com and press join. You have to get a membership, but the regular membership is free, unless you want to become a premium member. The app for iPhones is $9.99, and you can also get an intro app for free.
You can go into the site and find a geocache near you, print a map out, and if you find it, you can log it in the site.
If you have a phone with Wi-Fi, then you can use that as a device that leads you to the geocache and then if you find it there, you can log it right onto your phone, along with a picture and message. You can also buy GPSs that will also lead you to where you are going, but you can’t log it there.
So start hunting, and have fun finding plenty of geocaches around the world!