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Get Your Speeding Tickets Here!

My Swim Team is lots of fun, but the fun just got better!  They have just started handing out little coupons called speeding tickets; but before they do, you have to earn them.  The goal for the speeding tickets program is to encourage swimmers to really try their best in the meets, and when you improve your time on any of your races, you get a special ticket that you can trade in for little toys and goodies.  This process is really fun to be a part of because not only does it encourage you to swim faster in meets but also encourages you to practice hard, every day at swim practice.  It might get a bit tiring waking up at the crack of dawn every single morning for the whole summer, but it's worth it in the end!  At swim practice, we practice all of our strokes and starts and even finishes, along with new moves to improve our time, like flip turns.  Then, on Saturdays, the meets take place at different locations and you compete against the other team and against yourself (that's one of the good things about the speeding tickets; it doesn't matter what place you get, it just matters if you've beaten your last time!).   If you are a really competitive swimmer, than you might want to try out for a Swim Team next year and hope that the speeding tickets program hasn't sped away!