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Giddy Up Your Five Senses at the National Western Stock Show!

Sierra Zizzo

If you’re bored at home and sick of watching Mario die so many times, or if you’re a cowgirl/cowboy fan, the National Western Stock Show is the place for you. With so many views, smells, tastes, textures, and sounds, this is an irresistible place for you!
The sights are amusing and filled with wonder and passion. Tyler said that free reining was really entertaining to watch. Free reining is a western style of riding horses through a complex series of spins and circles.
Aromas at the stock show are intoxicating ranging from stinks to delicious foods! Abby sniffed out some leather and mini donuts with her sister Tessa. Tyler also pointed out the smelly animal manure.
People mentioned their favorite foods at the stock show including hotdogs, pulled pork sandwiches, cotton candy, roasted turkey legs, pretzels, and the wide variety of barbeque that they offer.
There are many textures to touch and feel. Taylor held a foxtail and it was as puffy and plush as a cloud drifting through a clear sea blue sky. There are many other textures to experience as you take a stroll through the stock show like the petting zoo animals that Tessa mentioned.

Many chitchatting people can be heard along with all of the many animal sounds.
Don’t be afraid to get off the couch, c’mon y’all see ya at the stock show!