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Girl Scout Troop Helps Kids In Need

Girl Scout Troop #3378 is decorating flip-flops to give to Children's Home of Denver, where preteens and teens ages 10-18 live because they can't live at home for various reasons. Girl Scout Troop 3378 is asking for donations of flip-flops (size L and XL), and material (ribbons, water balloons (not blown up), etc.) for tying around the flip-flop straps. Please, if you can, donate. These kids really need your help.
Children's Home of Denver was the first non-profit in the State of Colorado. They work with kids who suffer from abuse, neglect, mental health issues, etc. Children's Home of Denver also provides treatment for the kids based on each one's needs. The kids (age 10-18), though, don't really have any nice things like you or I probably do.
That's where Girl Scout Troop #3378 comes in. Blythe Hattenbach, a girl from the troop, and her friends decorated flip-flops at her birthday party. She presented the idea at a meeting, where the group of 21 girls was attempting to decide on a service project. Originally, the girls were going to make Build-a-Bears for the children's home, but they decided that that would cost too much money and opted for the idea of the flip-flops instead. Blythe then called Children's Home of Denver and the staff said that they would love to have new flip-flops because the kids don't really have any.
When asked what she thought about the project, Suzanne McClung, a parent leader of the troop, said, "I'm glad to see the girls working together to help other kids who are less fortunate than them."
If you are interested in donating, contact smcclung2006@msn.com.