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Colorado Ballet Staff

 Colorado Ballet is happy to announce its 2013-2014 season opener - the impressively beautiful ballet Giselle. Giselle is a pure classical ballet. This performance takes you on the epic journey of love full of betrayal, death, and forgiveness.
Here’s a little sneak peek of the story line. Count Albrecht loves Giselle, a peasant girl, though she knows him only as a villager named Loys. Giselle's mother, Berthe, hopes that her daughter will marry Hilarion, a forester who is devoted to Giselle, and warns her against Loys. But Giselle disregards Hilarion, and joins with her beloved in the celebrations that mark the end of the grape harvest. The drama continues from there.
I got to go behind the scenes of this production and interviewed Dana Benton who is part of this showing of Giselle. Once I got into a conversation with her I realized that she is very passionate about what she does. This will be her thirteenth season with the company. She mentioned how she got into dancing. Her mother was a dancer and Dana looked up to the dancing world and her passion for it. Dana has done Giselle once before, the second time was professional. She really wanted to do Giselle again because she loves that it is classical, a love story, and has power. Dana expresses, “people should come see this ballet if you like a twisted love story.” Then the big question came up, what is it like to be a dancer as a career? She explained that she liked the fact that she got to be different characters on a daily bases, you get to explore yourself more and more each day, and overall it is her true passion. Dana did note that dancing does take a physical toll on your body, but also saying it’s worth it. There isn’t a special diet she is on either. She actually admitted she eats junk food! Dana has rehearsal five days a week from 11:00am to 6:00pm every day.
I also met with the artistic director, Gil Bogges, he is the one who puts everything together in order to create the story. He picked Giselle this year because personally it’s his favorite ballet of all time. “Colorado ballet is extremely talented and you will never be disappointed,” states Gil Bogges. Not only do you get a live performance you also get to hear live music performed by the Colorado Ballet Orchestra.
Giselle is a ballet you must see! It will be playing at the Ellie Caulkins Opera House, at 950 13th Street, Denver, Colorado from October 04, 2013 until October 13, 2013. There are currently 9 performances scheduled. I hope you all go and see this amazing ballet.