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The Giver Play Review

photo by DCTC

"The Giver," a play based on Lois Lowry's well-known novel, is being performed by the Denver Center Theatre Company at the Ricketson Theatre from now until Nov. 18.
The show follows the plot of the book very closely and does an excellent job displaying the dystopian community that the main character, Jonas, lives in.
Each year, a group of 12-year-olds are chosen for specific jobs in the community, and Jonas is selected for the most important job of all: being the next Receiver of Memory. The play really portrays the pain and the joy that Jonas feels with each memory of the world that is transmitted to him.
The performance of the title role by Philip Pleasants drew you into the plot and stole the show. I personally didn’t think that "The Giver" would work in play form, but I was pleasantly surprised when the story unfolded before my eyes.
The entire ambience of the show, from the realistic set to the small but comfortable size of the theater, made it worthwhile to see.
I would recommend this performance for kids 12 and up because of the deep concepts of the plot and the lack of action in the scenes and color in the set. On a scale of 1-10, I would rate this show a 9.
The show is about an hour and 15 minutes long with one 15 minute intermission. It is definitely worth the trip to the Denver Performing Arts Center and is a memorable play! To purchase tickets, call 303.893.4100 or visit www.denvercenter.org.