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The Graham Cracker Plot

Daisy’s dad, in the novel The Graham Cracker Plot , by Shelley Tougas, is in jail for something he didn’t do. While he was doing chemistry the house lit on fire and he was sent to jail or Club Fed as Daisy and her grandma jokingly call it. When Daisy’s mom goes on vacation, Daisy stays at the house of her best friend, Graham. While she is there Graham shows her the idea coin. It is a coin that he says is filled with magical power that grants you an idea or something interesting to do. Then one day they try out the idea coin, and the idea was to break Daisy’s dad out of Club Fed and go to Canada!
 Daisy and Graham plan every detail they can think of and their plan would work perfectly. Along the way they recruit Ashley (someone Graham knows) to drive them to Club Fed and eventually on to Canada. They plan out what to do with things like what they should do if Graham's mom shows up as they are leaving and other tiny details.
 This book is full of funny moments, tense parts, and a whole lot more. The characters are expressive, as Daisy's character is a smart reliable friend and Graham is a quick talking and joking person, as a few examples. I would recommend this to anyone who likes funny books and weird stories. The plot is exciting and made this an enjoyable read!